My beliefs about demonic activity (Part 3)

My husband and I were avid WOW gamers in 2007-2011. This activity offended a few Christians which prompted these articles. Please read my intro to this post here (part 1) and here (part 2).

Why do I believe World of Warcraft (WoW) is an acceptable activity? The answer is found in answering these questions.

Does playing World of Warcraft open my life up to special demonic attention?

In the first two blogs on this topic, I detailed why I believe proximity to the occult and magic does not open up a special portal in my life to demonic activity. 

I believe the mundane tactics of the devil are more dangerous and pervasive than the frightening aspects of occult activity. Demonic possession and oppression are a result of either godly living (see Job), repeated rebellion (see King Saul) or active pursuit of spirit contact (see New Testament), not passive contact with objects or practices. I realize there are a few more stories from the New Testament I could have expounded on. Maybe in one more post…

Superstition is a belief or notion, not based on reason or knowledge, in or of the ominous significance of a particular thing, circumstance, occurrence, proceeding, or the like. I believe much of the fear of the demonic world is superstition. It is not based on Biblical revelation, but on worldly speculation and, in many cases, occultic lore and demonology. To not play WoW because I fear demons are more likely to oppress me, would be superstitious.

Is playing  World of Warcraft equal to practicing witchcraft?

Answering this question is where many Christians experience a prickling conscience. If after, studying the Scriptures and the mechanics of the game, you still believe in an affirmative answer, then you would do right to abstain. For, whatever cannot be done in good conscience, is sin.

First, a quick synopsis of the game:

World of Warcraft play begins by creating a character or “toon” that you control in a virtual world. This character interacts with other characters that are controlled by other players and with non-player characters that are programed as part of the game. You choose its gender, name and look. You choose its race, and since WoW is set in a fantasy environment, all the fantasy races are present: trolls, orcs, humans, elves, gnomes, etc. You choose the role that it will play in the game. This gives you different abilities based on how you want to experience the game. A warrior’s abilities are all about protecting the group through engaging the enemies away from those players who are easily hurt. A priest heals and can bring other players back to life. A rouge has abilities to stealth and attack its enemies subtlety with poison and trickery. A warlock’s abilities are rooted in the dark powers, taming demons as pets and trapping souls. Shamans use totems to gain special abilities to create an edge in “winning” the game.

WoW has numerous ways to play the game. You can choose to quest. This means you follow instructions given by the non-player characters in the game following a story line to receive rewards for completing the quest. The rewards can be food, drink, special items, armor, weapons or gold. You can choose to match your game skills against other players in player versus player combat. The point is to kill their toon before they can kill you. You can choose to work on different skill sets like sewing, smithing, enchanting, alchemy, etc. These skills increase the potency of your play. You can share these skills with others, too. You can choose to adventure into the elite areas of the game by forming 25 man teams to destroy “bosses” based on the story line. This requires great skill. The skill is in knowing when to hit the right buttons. There are hundreds of choices you must make per fight. Doing this successfully determines your skill. It can take months to coordinate a successful battle strategy. Not to mention, there are real-life skills involved in diplomacy, human relations, and leadership! Because, after all, there is a human behind the toon you see on the screen.

WoW is a community based game. This means, you are building friendships with others players. My husband and I have been leaders in our guild, Liquid Courage, for the last 3 years. We have formed numerous friendships that have spawned real-life friendships and job opportunities with those we game with. Its rather like a baseball team or Rotary club. Our guild is a group of friends who share common interests and adventures.

Now for the Bible study…

My study is in  Deut 18:9-12 since this is the verse most often quoted as a reason to avoid fantasy. My Hebrew translation says, “ are not to learn how to follow the abominable practices of those nations.” God then details what those practices are. Other versions put it this way:

“Thou shalt not learn to do… (KJV)” “You shall not learn to follow…(Amplified)” “You shall not learn to imitate…(NAS)” “Do not learn to imitate…(NIV)”

This is the Hebrew word asah. It can mean, depending on context: made, accomplish, idea of creating, bear, become, do, dress, execute, fashion, go about, observe, offer, bring to pass, perform, practice, serve, use. This word was translated in other verses in the following ways:

Gen 1:7 “God made the expanse (sky).”

Gen 1:11 “Let the …fruit trees bearing fruit after their kind.”

Gen 4:10 The Lord says to Cain, “What have you done?”

Ex 1:17 “But the midwives feared God, and did not do as the king of Egypt had commanded them…”

I believe that the interpretation of “pretend to do” does not fit with the true meaning of asah: “to do.” The Israelites were commanded not to do the practice of sorcery, mediums, astrology, divination, etc…

So does playing a game fall into the parameters of doing (accomplishing, executing, bring to pass, practice, perform) forbidden practices?

WoW is played with a mouse and keyboard, and usually a way to voice chat with other players over the internet. You click on icons to perform actions, or use key strokes. If you decide to go all out, playing well involves a lot of math and logic! Since the game is rooted in computer programming, everything revolves around numbers and values. When doing research, I often have to utilize a calculator and scribble out addition to see how I can play the game better. I say this to show how foreign magic is to the actual game play. The story line is about a fantasy world, much like a novel or comic book. But playing is mechanical and rational, not an actual reenactment of spell-casting or the like.

The reality of my life is that I do not seek revenge on others by throwing a curse. I do not weave a spell. I say no magical incantation. I do not travel to a holy (or unholy) place. I do not allow a spirit to inhabit my body. I do not draw magical symbols. I do not converse with the dead. I do not allow the stars to guide my life. I do not seek spiritual advice from spirits or the dead. I am not practicing, following or imitating (asah) the occult.

Therefore, I do not believe playing World of Warcraft is equal to practicing witchcraft. I am not a sorcerer. I am not even pretending to be a sorcerer as an actor in a movie would. My mind does not even have to dwell on the magics, formulas, rituals a sorcerer-actor would have to do to portray one accurately. I talk to real life people, move my mouse around, hit a sequence of buttons that maximizes my goals in the game, and try to bring people closer to a relationship with their real-life creator by being kind, loving, self-sacrificing, giving, friendly, encouraging as a real person playing in a fantasy world.


14 thoughts on “My beliefs about demonic activity (Part 3)

  1. Bonnie I can understand that you have been stung in the past and hence your strong opinions on the subject. However according to the NT you cannot question peoples faith, we are also told that Christians quite easily have power over demons if they exercise it. kbonikowsky has put forward a structured argument with a scriptural basis so I don’t see any reason for accusations of working with the devil.

    Kanda would you ban all fictional writing? I would say there’s a difference between fact-fiction and truth-lies

    on the topic I’m really not sure what to think, however I do know there is some unsavoury stuff in wow that really doesn’t need to be there, for example at level 10 you must summon a warlock using a satanic symbol. Now I’m not saying it will turn you evil and make you grow horns but it sure doesn’t need to be there and made me cringe

    I think a point which is interesting continues from what Travis said. Perhaps demons could use the game to get a hold on people in a similar way they can use a lot of other things. Although it may be unreasonable to say that each box comes with its own pre-packaged demon, I would probably say that WoW has made some people become interested in magic.

    ps:I don’t actually play the game


  2. I appreciate your stance on the importance of making our decisions based upon the Word of God and its truths. I also appreciate your encouraging those whose consciences will not allow them to play the game, not believing it to be honoring to God nor loving to their fellow-man (Rom 14:23). Of course, we each will give account of ourselves to God (Rom 14:12) and must each pursue the things that make for peace and things that will edify another spiritually (Rom 14:19).

    I know I personally enjoyed the Lord of the Rings series and can understand the dilemma of carefully discerning what one will allow or disallow in his life for the glory of God. Some things are indeed individual and private choices (Rom 14:22), but always in the light of pleasing our neighbor for his good spiritually (Rom 15:2).

    There are two comments which seem contradictory upon which I would like you to expound:

    You said, “My pastor inquired of a few Wiccans to get their take on WoW. Does it portray the occult accurately, or is a way for them to recruit/ proselytize? They laughed at him, and told him the game was fantasy, not reality! It has no inherent connection to the magics they do (asah) in real life.”

    Then in answer to someone who said that demons stated they “had the right to stay because she was reading the [seemingly demonic] book,” you said, “These are lying spirits, not worthy of our trust.”

    Can we really trust self-proclaimed Wiccans to give us truth?


  3. Bonnie, I’m confused. In the first part of your comment you talk about how people are tricked into Hell then you say it’s their own choice?


  4. P.S. I’m sure you will choose not to post my comment because you don’t want to post anything that shines a bad light on the one you serve!


  5. Of course you post your lying garbage that demonic activity supposedly is no danger. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, called Satan, “The Father of Lies”, and warned us Satan (Lucifer) comes to kill, steal, and destroy!

    I believe God, not a Warlock like yourself, who does Satan’s bidding for him by creating this website to lie to people and lead them straight into Hell! Ever since my Son got involved with his Wiccan Wife and Wiccan Mother-In-Law who taught him to dabble in the occult–including Harry Potter and Satanic gothic novels–I can no longer recognize my Son anymore!!

    Satan and his demons are spirits. Jesus warned us that Satan goes to and fro, searching for whom he may devour: they are always looking for warm human bodies to inhabit so that they can carry out their evil deeds! When someone chooses to turn their back on their Creator God, they invite Satan to inhabit them. Unless those demons have been cast out of them or they turn back to God, they loose their souls forever, by their own choice. God created Hell only for Satan and his minions, like you. He sends no one to Hell: they send themselves to Hell when they choose to serve Satan, not God!

    Tell your buddy, Lucifer, he and his minions (that includes you), will lose the battle! You see, I have already read the last book of the Bible and know Jesus wins!


  6. I kind of agree with what this blog says to a certain point. It doesn’t seem like playing WoW is biblically wrong, mainly because you aren’t actually doing the things that the characters are in the game. However, I think we have to look at the fruit, i.e. the result of what happens to people who play this game and other MORPGs. I myself have played this game and I’ve had friends and known others who have played it. From what I’ve observed personally, WoW takes a considerable amount of time out of your life. Time that could be spent with your friends and family.

    While I was playing this game my wife and I had an experience one night where one of us would wake up screaming thinking something was in the room with us. We both experienced an intense sense of fear, like nothing I’ve ever felt before. We couldn’t go back to sleep for hours after that. This kind of thing had never happened to either of us before and I wondered if it could be a demon. This happened on several occasions until I started wondering if there really was a spiritual connection to WoW. So I decided to get rid of the game and stop playing it and see what would happen. After that, we never had any problems like this.


  7. “Unfortunately, in the deliverance ministry, there is no manual on what you will see and what happens, only guidance from the Holy Ghost at the very moment you are ministering to the person.”

    I think this is at the core of our differences. I believe the Holy Spirit has already recorded what is important and vital to know when dealing with evil spirits. I went into a bit of this in my first two posts. I’m curious about your take on those posts?

    His written word is sufficient for life and godliness. The recorded word is how Jesus dealt with Satan. The written word of God is the sword Paul refers to when discussing how to fight the spirits in Eph 6. This is my example and what I believe is ultimately truth.

    Putting the Good Book to good use!


  8. Kbonikowsky, I’m glad you are seeking to serve Him. I hope you don’t take it that I’m attacking you…I’m just upset with the deception. Here’s some helpful replies:

    “…my premise was not to base any statement on experience, whether personal or other, but on Biblical study…” I understand that. Unfortunately, in the deliverance ministry, there is no manual on what you will see and what happens, only guidance from the Holy Ghost at the very moment you are ministering to the person.

    “Can we even trust the demon when he says, “… that they had the right to stay because she was reading the book.”? These are lying spirits, not worthy of our trust.” By the Name and Power of the Lord Jesus, I force the demons to tell me how they entered the person and what makes them THINK they’re allowed to be in there. The very second they answer, the Holy Ghost makes an impression within my spirit telling me whether they are lying or telling the truth.

    “The more I read and hear about people’s various experiences, the more mixed up I get about truth.” JUST how the devil likes it. He would absolutely HATE it if you became a “Demoncasterouter” too. that’s why he loves it when God’s children are confused.

    “I trust His understanding and knowledge even when my experience is defiant.” Great, experience during deliverance sessions is never defiant.

    Hi, FatMenace (I don’t really like calling you that…You’re not a menace, and if you are fat, who cares? ;>)~

    “…seeing a demon on every corner. People get obsessed with this stuff and then it becomes their focus instead of Christ.” I’m here to tell you…….there IS a demon on every corner, you’d better believe it! When you focus on deliverance and demonic spirits, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to lose your focus on Christ. In fact, the more you focus on the deliverance ministry, the MORE you focus on Christ then when you try to focus on Christ! He’s the one that catsts the spirits out of the person. Therefore, when you are doing a deliverance session, you end up focusing more on Christ then when you were simply trying to focus only on Christ.

    Y’all have a great week!!!!!!!!!


  9. Thanks for this article. It’s good to see some balance when it comes to spiritual warfare. I too am tired of the exremes of either not believing that demons mess with us at all or seeing a demon on every corner. People get obsessed with this stuff and then it becomes their focus instead of Christ.


  10. I hope the woman is okay and serving the Lord today. I appreciate anyone who takes the time to put their thoughts into print. I agree with you that there is much deception surrounding this topic. I am the first to admit, I may be wrong!

    I these articles, my premise was not to base any statement on experience, whether personal or other, but on Biblical study. I do not doubt your experiences with demonic possession, just possibly your interpretation of the experience. Can we even trust the demon when he says,

    “… that they had the right to stay because she was reading the book.”? These are lying spirits, not worthy of our trust.

    The more I read and hear about people’s various experiences, the more mixed up I get about truth. That’s one reason why I “thump” my Bible. It is the only source I can trust for a truthful perspective on a subject fraught with deception. I can not explain what I don’t understand, I can only point to God’s words as a starting point. I trust His understanding and knowledge even when my experience is defiant.


  11. Wow, you are REALLY deceived by all of this. It never ceases to amaze me at how satan works, he’s really got you buying in to it.

    Do you really believe that the way the occult advertises or recruites is by saying “Hey, you wanna learn how to cast some spells?” Or, “Hi, we’re the Wiccans, we worship the earth, would you like to join us?” Of course not, you’re sucked in by these little games and “fantasy” stories like Harry Potter and the like.

    They feed you somethig that you’ll enjoy and that seems harmless, little by little, then you’re hooked. My friend, you are feasting on their stuff like the buffet at Cici’s. Now you’re trying to tell everyone how good it is, and when you’ve had enough and want more, you’ll be diving further into it wanting steak, and even more then that.

    “Demonic possession and oppression are a result of either godly living (see Job), repeated rebellion (see King Saul) or active pursuit of spirit contact (see New Testament), not passive contact with objects or practices… I believe much of the fear of the demonic world is superstition. It is not based on Biblical revelation, but on worldly speculation and, in many cases, occultic lore and demonology.”

    I was kicked, spit at and bit at (that’s right, BIT at) by a Spirit Filled, Christian woman (while ministering to her) who had simply read a book about three witches. The three witches (actually demonic spirits) had entered her and were arguing that they had the right to stay because she was reading the book. As I cast them out of her, they kicked and screamed the whole way.

    How’s THAT for “superstition” and “worldly speculation”???

    My friend, please stop buying into the deception.


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