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I’ve been writing for over 10 years. Here’s a list of some of my personal favorite series and posts. -Kay

I am working my way through the gospel of Mark. Here are my favorites.

Jesus gives mysteries and puzzles.

Twenty years ago, my husband and I remodeled a hoarder house. It was one of those homes that was piled with decades of personal items, family memories and rubbish. By the time we owned it, it had mostly been cleared away. However, the attic and outbuildings were still jammed full of stuff. It was the…

The Scandal: Jesus welcomes sinners.

My father had a close friend who cheated on his wife, divorced her, and then married his lover. I’m going to refer to this friend as Alex. I was in college at the time. I remember riding down our red-dirt road with my dad shortly after this happened, still reeling from the shock. My dad…

Is Jesus Good News?

Jesus literally fed the hungry, healed the sick, brought the booze to the party, released those in captivity to evil and had the power to overcome death itself. Mark’s story gives us a glimpse of how good a world ruled by God can be.

Here are a few posts about my life.

Navel Gazing: Papua New Guinea

In 1995, when I was twenty,  I spent a few months in Papua New Guinea (PNG) delaying my college graduation from film school by six months. Can I say that huge life experiences happened because of this excursion? Nah. But I do have some fun stories, and hopefully I created a useful video for the…

Seminary: The unexpected struggle.

I am afraid of getting something wrong. I’ve gotten used to listening, so now I’m wondering if I have something to say? There is a lure to stay in research mode because it is hard to think.

Radical Man!

“Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, But a woman who fears the LORD, she shall be praised. I don’t think you’re deceitful or vain, do you?” How’s that for a pick up line? Those are the words Scott Resnick wrote me fifteen years ago in college. I will never forget his wit. Scott died…

My Favs: Missionary Biographies

I am a history buff. Everything I think about or base an opinion on involves reflection of history. It helps me determine truth. Alone, my experience is shabby. But with the depth and width of history, my experience is fathomless. And there is an unlimited source to study! Especially when you read personal history…biographies. When…

2 thoughts on “Best of the Blog

  1. So love your blog and writing. I’m a pastor in Frederick, MD that is beginning the conversation in having women be elders too. I’m totally for it and my wife and I are excited. I have believed this for some time, but now is the right season to push this with the other two elders. I’m getting plenty of wisdom from the Lord, the Bible, and from others i respect. We need fathers and mothers in the church. Let men lead like men, and women like women. We need healthy leading from men and women at every level.

    Thanks for joining Jesus in the great liberation movement Jesus began.



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