My struggles with writing on women in the text

As I study, read, meditate and write on women in the text, I’ve found I struggle with two issues. As I compose a post, I am humbled by my overwhelming lack of knowledge. This causes..

  1. …me to fear I’m missing something. It cautions me. I wonder if I should wait until I know more, or know it better? So my fingers reach for the delete key. And I re-write without absolutes and ask a lot of questions. Hopefully, its not my complete knowledge that keeps you reading, but my continuing journey as I search. I tell myself, “There are a few people who are silently following who won’t study this out on their own. They won’t follow my links. They aren’t going to dig themselves. So, I’ve got to tell them!” But, what if I get it wrong? So. That’s one issue I battle with each post.
  2. …frustration and impatience! I want to know it now, and I want it to stick. But, the more I learn, the more I realize how little I know. And I question if its worth scratching the surface, when the depths are years of advanced study from me? I believe it is. But its still frustrating NOW.

Thanks for reading. I still haven’t got it all figured out.

4 thoughts on “My struggles with writing on women in the text

  1. Caution is a good thing. I think it goes hand-in-hand with intellectual honesty. The journey can be frustrating, but who knows how God will use it as it unfolds!


  2. I’ve been silently following. =) And you’re right, I wouldn’t have studied this on my own. I’m glad you’ve posted this series, even if you feel you don’t know everything! Keep it up!


  3. I never get why some people are so offended at some stuff I say on my blog. I think, Stick around a year or two, I will have changed my mind. I guess some people need to believe in certainty (aka, need to believe they are certain) so much they forget how (1) they don’t know everything and (2) people tend to change their minds a lot.


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