The Perfect Man: How cool is that?

The Bible hints at Jesus’ irresistible attraction in its stories of huge crowds and loyal followers. Throw in superhuman powers and God-like charisma to the mix of easy-to-be-around righteousness, and you have an “idol” worth worshiping. The crowds, who due to the constraints of time and place, could never know him intimately. Yet they glimpsed his unique appeal and flocked in droves to be near him. What lucky people! To be near the heartbeat of God! To look into the eyes of eternal compassion! To be invited, as is the temptation of lovers, to eat and drink him up!… Read More The Perfect Man: How cool is that?

Hebrew is Heavy

Ancient Hebrew is considered a rich language. That means it doesn’t have a large vocabulary, but each word carries many meanings. As opposed to English, which has a huge lexicon and distinct meanings. Ancient Hebrew is filled with innuendo because of this. One word is loaded. The more you understand the culture, the history and the circumstance the deeper the words become.… Read More Hebrew is Heavy

If You are Sick, Please Stay Away!

I will not jump on the bandwagon and comment about the “irresponsibility” and “thoughtlessness” of the ill being present in public situations. We have become overbalanced on that issue. The church needs to hear some shouting on the other side of the scale to which I’ll lend my voice. WHY ARE WE AFRAID OF THE SICK? I think if you weigh your answer, you’ll find it wanting.… Read More If You are Sick, Please Stay Away!