Diary of a Judas, a betrayer (Wednesday)

Mary broke into new sobs and threw herself across the rabbi’s feet. I wanted to slap her. She was encouraging him in this foolishness. I stepped back from the table, stung by the rabbi’s rebuke and confused in my thoughts.

Why does he go on and on about dying? He holds power over death. He holds power over the people. He can even control the weather. Why is he giving up? I was desperate to understand his motives, but terrified that he simply was not the man I wanted him to be.… Read More Diary of a Judas, a betrayer (Wednesday)

Diary of Judas, a betrayer (Sunday)

Every frenzied cry that was music in my ears was ripping him apart. He was receiving every blessing yelled his way as a curse, as if he were physically struck. He pulled Peter and John close and spoke as he gestured to the city. Peter looked confused. The rabbi began to weep as he continued shouting into John’s ear.[4] The noise of the crowd was deafening. When he was finished talking, I saw his posture sink with each step as we passed through the Sheep Gate and into the city.… Read More Diary of Judas, a betrayer (Sunday)