In Heaven, I don’t want to know it all

I think about heaven a lot.

I love speculation and far-reaching theories about aliens, UFOs, crop circles, extinct animals, ancient history, the pyramids, Atlantis, miracles, myths and legends, inter-dimensional travel in space and time, etc. Thank the Lord I have a steady, rational husband to keep my head screwed on straight, or I’d probably be a conspiracy whack-o wearing aluminum foil on my head and sporting a “The Truth is Out There” t-shirt!

All this to say, I am anticipating the joy of sleuthing in heaven. I hope we don’t instantly know it all when we are in His presence. I want to eat some manna with Moses and hear from him what the heck the burning bush looked like? And I want to ask Noah or one of his daughter-in-laws what the earth was like right after the flood, and if the pyramids were build when they were alive, and if they had dinosaurs on the ark? There is so much mystery to uncover! And I don’t just want to talk with the recorded saints. Heaven is filled with amazing stories and incredible people of faith, and I want to savor eternity praising God by listening to their tales. Don’t you?

6 thoughts on “In Heaven, I don’t want to know it all

  1. I guess as a kid, I thought it would be a lot of harp-playing, floating on a cloud. In other words, BORING! But now, I agree… it’ll be awesome! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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