Just read.

There has been a lot of  pressure in church circles to study the Bible. To dig in and get at the chewy meat. To KNOW more. To come up with a great insight into life. That’s great! But, I’ve realized in the last few weeks that people are cracking under the pressure. The stakes are so high…understanding the deep truths found in the Bible…that many people are saying to themselves, “If I can’t spend time to pull out a nugget of inspiration, then its not worth it. If I’m not feeling inspired by the Word, then reading is a waste of my time.” Hence, America is filled with Christians who ignore their Bibles.

William Tyndale, a 15th century scholar who translated the Bible into modern English, said “a ploughboy with the Bible would know more of God than the most learned ecclesiastic who ignored it.”

And that is the point: knowing and falling into loving life with God, who exposes His personality on the printed pages of the Holy Scriptures.

So lighten up! Just open the pages and read a verse. Then tomorrow, do it again. The same the next day, and the next. The days will become weeks, and before you know it, you will know your Bible and our Creator a little better! You will know how God wants you to behave. You will be comforted by His presence. Your life will be inspired.

“Sunrise and sunset, promise and fulfillment, birth and death, the whole human drama, everything is in this book…It is the Book of Books, Biblia.” – Gabriel Sivan

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