How to Improve Your Life

Art by Stacey Renee

You can be happy.

You can be better off than wealthy.

You can be worth a fortune.

Your life can be pleasant.

You can be safe and secure.

You can live long.

You can sleep well.

You can have no worries.

You can be protected from catastrophe.

You can be respected.

These are HOT topics in the self-help magazines on the shelves today. The answers? More exercise, more insurance, more money, more medicine, more meditation, more know-how.

They were hot topics two thousand years ago when Proverbs was written as well. In fact, this list is from Proverbs 3:13-25,35. And it tells us how to improve our life.

It is to be wise.

Wisdom is knowing the right thing to do in every circumstance. And wisdom is the only thing God promises to give us when we ask for it.

Improve your life by gaining wisdom: knowing the right thing to do and then doing it.

One thought on “How to Improve Your Life

  1. Amen! The ladies in my Bible Study are memorizing Proverbs chapter 3. What a blessing and constant reminder of God’s promise of wisdom.


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