Table Manners Matter, Mom!

Mealtime can be a chore for moms. Picky eaters or kids always on the look out for treats can be a handful. Can you believe the Bible has a few principles that you can discipline  mealtime with? I say principles, because these are not “rules.” To ignore them, is not sin. But, they are a guide to right living. You would be wise to implement them.

Jesus says, “Eat what is set before you.”

In Luke 10:5-8, Jesus sends 72 of his followers out on a evangelistic trial-run. Not only does he inspire them with visions of the harvest, but he gives them practical instructions on how to behave when they are visiting others. I find it fascinating that he tells them twice to eat whatever their hosts give them. How often do we tell our kids this? Do we practice this at home?

American children are hardly in the Oliver Twist category of “Please sir, can I have some more.” We have plenty. They will not starve. If my children choose not to eat what I put before them, then they have chosen not to eat.

Don’t stuff yourself in front of others.

When you are invited to eat with the boss, or as Proverbs says, “a ruler,” mind your manners! Don’t gobble up all the good stuff. Eat with discretion and don’t take advantage of his hospitality by devouring the caviar.

Of course with children, the place to start teaching this principle is around your dinner table at home. In my home, juice is the delicacy. We monitor juice intake so that it is slowly consumed throughout the meal. When it is gulped down, it is replaced with water.

Learn to enjoy simple fare.

A simple meal with love  is better than a feast where there is hatred.Prov 15:17

Moms, you can make any meal a joyful time  for your family, not by spending hours in the kitchen or a fortune at a restaurant, but by investing that time to talk, encourage and love on your children. Doing so, will instill in them the right priorities. The table is for friendship, regardless the fare.

2 thoughts on “Table Manners Matter, Mom!

  1. What is that? What are you doing? You’re taking all the caviar? That caviar is a garnish.

    This means that when your kids grow up they’ll be all OMG JUIIICEEEE AS MUCH AS I WANT JUICE. I was like that with candy.


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