A Face to Reframe

My friend Beth is headed back to Turkey after serving there as a missionary for ten years. She has a neat project she is launching called “A Face to Reframe.” Click here to read her flyer.

“A Face to Reframe” will be “launched” this April in Antalya, Turkey through a mini-project with Downs Syndrome Turkish children. I’ll be coming alongside a retired American couple who have been working with disabled children in Turkey. Together, we’ll launch a beta photo clinic with 10-15 year olds that will be continued with Turkish college student volunteers. I’ll be coaching from a distance and receiving the kids’ work, editing, and providing feedback. We’ll be involving the Turkish government and hope to have the city host an exhibit to raise public awareness and begin to repair the marred identity of these valued children.

She is asking for cameras, memory cards and camera bags, as well as financial assistance for travel expenses and the photography exhibit. To donate, visit here. To visit A Face to Reframe website, visit here.

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