Imbalanced and Evil Christianity

Laura & Vyckie
Laura & Vyckie

I have been following the blog of a couple of ladies who have left the faith because of the guilt laden and legalistic (and I will say heretical) patriarchy movement festering the corners of Christianity. Their courage and faith journey is documented with humor and poignant sorrow. I am rebuked and strengthened by their words.

No Longer Quivering: A word of caution before you visit the site: make sure you have a block of time dedicated to reading. Their stories will suck you in!

You may wonder why I titled this post Imbalanced and Evil Christianity?  Any teaching that binds people up with rules and too-high expectations does not teach the easy way of Christ. Evil is missing the mark of who (or what) God is. The so-named patriarchy/quiverfull movement leads many Christians away from the grace of Christ and becomes a system of standards, not a relationship of love with God and others. Are there people in the Quiverful movement who love God? Of course! But when strong emphasis is placed on something outside of the simple gospel (I am more wicked that I understand, but more loved than I can imagine), the mark is missed and there is evil in our imbalances. Vyckie’s latest post has tips and thoughtful suggestions about how to help a woman who is struggling in this mindset. How to show her grace and friendship. It was a great article.

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