Mind Reading

Recently, I was involved in a situation that involved mind-reading. It wasn’t with a fortune teller, but with Christians! It went something like this.

“We’ve been thinking of changing a few things around here. What do you think about (insert whatever)?”

“I don’t mind, but (insert name here) will have a problem with it.”

“Oh really? What would (insert name here) say about it?”

“(Insert name here) wouldn’t like (insert whatever). And (insert name) would want (whatever) instead.”

Plans were made based on the information in this conversation. The problem was, nobody approached (insert name) to see if, in fact, they had a problem with it! After the complications of misinformation was sorted out, it was revealed (insert name) didn’t care! A decision was made based on faulty mind reading. And it was wrong.

How often do we find ourselves speculating about what is in other people’s minds? Do you ever assume what your husband is thinking? How often do you use body language to communicate instead of speaking, and expect others to interpret what you are thinking correctly? Do you base your actions on what you think someone is thinking of you? Do you speculate what a friend wants and doesn’t want instead of just asking her? These are ways we mind read. The problem is: we can’t.

For who knows a person’s thoughts except the spirit of that person, which is in him? 1 Cor 2:11

We can’t know what someone is thinking…unless we ask her. And others can’t know what you are thinking…unless you tell them! It is the principle of being honest found in Ephesians 4:25. Let us speak the truth with each other. Don’t assume others will know it through mind reading! And don’t guess at another’s truth, because you can’t know it unless they tell you.

4 thoughts on “Mind Reading

  1. I just wandered upon this little nugget of insight. So simple, yet so powerful. I have made more faulty assumptions about people’s motivations than I can count.

    Why would I ask that scoundrel why he made those caustic remarks about what I believe? Upon further review, I found that the “scoundrel” was a really nice guy who had the polar opposite intent in mind. He was actually using some levity to agree with me. Go figure. LoL

    Nowhere is this communication problem so magnified than on the internet.

    Well, thanks for the added clarity provided by a couple of well-placed Scriptures.

    And yes, Ruth, this is a lesson I continue to learn the hard way. Thanks!


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