Thinking about how we know

I’m a big geek when it comes to Bible history. I spent an hour this morning pouring over genealogies because I wanted a visual representation of how close Moses was to Adam. Of course Adam and Moses are separated by thousands of years, but in terms of people who knew their grandparents, they are separated by 6-8 people.

  • Adam, Methuselah and Noah were the oldest people recorded to live, so their lifetimes span the pre-flood millenia.
  • The flood happened right after Methuselah died.
  • Abraham could have sat at Noah’s tent hearing about the flood and the time before…and then wrote it all down.
  • Did you know that in medieval times, the European “divine right of kings” fell to the families who recorded their lineage back to Noah/Japeth?
  • Did you know that some people speculate the birthright or inheritance that was given to Isaac was the oral record from Noah? And Esau despised it.
  • Just musing on that today.

Here you go……and yes, I realize God could have told Moses everything on Mt. Sinai.

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