Thoughts from a Complementarian Friend

Now that I’m getting older, I can call someone a long-time friend! Wendy has been in or around my circles for 12 years, and in the past I’ve loved to geek out on Bible with her. Her perspective has always challenged my thoughts and I respect her Bible knowledge and “filter.” She wrote this article last year. It’s her take on being a complementarian.

Here’s a teaser to get you to click over:

For some reason, I am not concerned with influencing egalitarians to my position as I am with encouraging complementarians to examine theirs carefully in light of what Scripture does and does not say… I have watched the power of laying down my life in submission and speaking in my husband’s love language of respect. And I am moved by thinking of Christ’s profound love for His Bride as I watch the interplay of love and submission in my home. These are precious doctrines to me. But too often, I watch these ideas misused and misapplied by complementarians in ways that make my concerns about egalitarians pale in comparison.

Things that undermine a complementarian position by Wendy Alsup

3 thoughts on “Thoughts from a Complementarian Friend

  1. I enjoyed reading these articles in Wendy’s blog – comments included. Looks like this subject generates a lot of comments in all blogs. Good stuff…


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