What I heard today.

I met an amazing lady today. She probably doesn’t think she’s amazing, and if you met her you might not think she’s amazing. She’s a Latin firecracker who loves Jesus and has compassion oozing out of her. As I talked with her she asked for prayer for a new vision. Her husband and she are looking for direction this summer. Then she said this,

“I want us to experience unity in our desires.”

Six months ago, I would have thought to myself, “Well, what does your husband want?” And that wouldn’t have been a wrong thought, for we are to cooperate and enjoy pleasing our men. But, I didn’t even think that today, until now. I simply thought, “Wow! God can totally unite their desires in a miraculous way, and I’m going to ask Him to do that!”

It may simply be that they both desire to make the other happy. Or it may be that they both have the exact same vision for this summer. But her goal is to be unified, and God can make that happen.

Anyway, that’s what I heard today.

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