Traditions of Men

Men (humans) like to tack traditions to Bible truths. In another post I called this progression; taking what the Bible says and going a step further. Sometimes things go so far, we forget what is actually inspired and what isn’t!

Here are some “traditions” that result from male headship. These are not taught in the Bible, but are progressions. These statements may not be wrong and they might even be good things, but they aren’t in the Bible. I have even taught a few of them myself over the years!


  • Good Christian wives/mothers don’t work outside the home. They are stay at home moms.
  • Asking your husband to help with housework or kids is shirking your job as helper.
  • A wife’s priorities should be A. God, B. Husband, C. Kids. Church Service should happen only if the woman won’t shirk her other top 3 priorities.
  • Women who preach are out of God’s will.
  • God prefers to work with men.
  • Women can be missionaries, but not pastors.
  • There is a different set of “rules” for men and women.
  • Husbands are uniquely responsible to lead the family.
  • Women are easily deceived.
  • A marriage that does not practice wifely submission and husband leadership is either doomed to failure or ineffectual in God’s kingdom.
  • A husband should protect and provide. A wife should do neither, unless the husband refuses.
  • The father should ensure the kids respect the mom.
  • To resist authority is sinful.
  • God will never call a woman to preach or pastor a church.
  • The gospel will be hindered when women usurp their place, and men refuse to lead.
  • Women should not pray aloud when men are present.
  • A church that allows women to lead will not draw men.
  • It is disgraceful for a man to follow a woman.
  • Part of the husband’s responsibility as leader of the home is to make sure everyone is following him.
  • A wife has no authority over her husband.

Do you know why you believe as you do? Would you separate or associate with a Christian who believed differently than you on these issues? Do you follow the traditions of men?

5 thoughts on “Traditions of Men

  1. I have trouble with “women should not pray aloud when there is a man present;” have asked myself WHY? but I still have to overcome that “hitch” every time. Maybe it’s because we separated the women and men when we had prayer meetings as a child, and a man was always asked to pray when we were together. Yet…prayer does not assume a position of authority over another….strange.


  2. Yes, and I always hear, “A marriage is supposed to be a picture of Christ and the church for the world to see.” Ephesians 5 says the opposite: Christ and the church is supposed to be an example to us of sacrifice and love in marriage.


  3. I always hear, “A marriage with a wife in obedience/submission to her husband is a testimony to the world, as Jesus obeyed the father. If there isn’t obedience/submission, we aren’t reflecting God.” Something about us living a “picture of the Trinity” or something.


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