The Twelve were male.

The title has been given as a reason why women can’t hold leadership in the church of Christ. Jesus picked twelve men. That automatically disqualifies women from church leadership.

Yep, the twelve were male.

So what?

They were also circumcised, Jewish and rather dense. Shall we make these qualifications for church leadership as well?

God does not have favorites.

Click on that link and contemplate the liberties found in the New Covenant. My next post will be why I think Jesus picked 12 Jewish men.

2 thoughts on “The Twelve were male.

  1. Travel was safest for male Roman citizens and most dangerous for women. Isn’t this why so few envoys/apostles were women and why so many had Latin names? Why look for a theological reason why the 12 were men when a practical reason explains it?


    1. RIchard, I enjoyed reading your site, and will be back to reference it in the future. As far as a practical reason over theological… you might be right. We won’t know for sure on this one until the roll is called.


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