Many wrote of Jesus

Luke 1:1-2 (NIRV)

Many people have attempted to write about the things that have taken place among us. 2 Reports of these things were handed down to us. There were people who saw these things for themselves from the beginning and then passed the word on.

The word translated into English as “many” is just that: a great multitude, numerous, a large amount. Have you ever thought about that? A multitude of people who witnessed the life, death and resurrection of Jesus wrote down their memories. Eyewitness accounts were floating around all over the place!

What were they writing? What they saw. Why? For the same reason that God instructed Isaiah,

Go now, write it on a tablet for them,
inscribe it on a scroll,
that for the days to come
it may be an everlasting witness.  (30:8)

Their accounts would be proof of the Christ’s coming for thousands of years to come.

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