What’s new and stuff

What’s new? Well its been a beautiful spring in Snoqualmie! My hands have been too dirty to type!

gardenI get to use this awesome set-up at church! I started helping to run the switcher and cameras on Sunday mornings. Its been 7 years since I’ve worked video, but its like riding a bike. So fun.


Puppies! and death. Our 3 year old chocolate Lab, Coco, had 10 puppies. One did not make it out of the placenta and my son found it on the back lawn. The others were perfect.puppies

Then, Coco, went septic and after 2 nights in the animal hospital and surgery, the infection still raged. We had to put her down. That left 9 hungry puppies to care for around the clock for 5 days.  I don’t do babies. My husband (who so graciously accepts me faults and all and does not force me to change!) bottle fed the pups every 4 hours and kept them healthy until the Humane Society found a mother dog who could adopt the litter. The kids enjoyed them! Honestly, I was glad to see them go.


I am notoriously a bad tiler. Don’t know what a tiler is? One who lays tile. In high school, my up-for-anything father let me tile my bedroom floor. Its atrocious. My husband, who is a bit more precise than my father, shuddered when I mentioned tiling the kitchen backsplash. But, I couldn’t wait for him to do it. Its not perfect. He wasn’t allowed to look at it too closely. And, every time he walks in the kitchen, I see his eyes divert to the other wall! haha. But, its done. whew!


Somewhere at the end of that rainbow is a pot of gold. My pot will hold a seminary degree. Pure gold. I’ve been thoughtfully exploring seminaries in the area, and started filling out the applications to a few. This goal of mine is constantly at the back of my mind. It will happen. It may take 10 years.

rainbowI am a failure at hatching these eggs. I’ve been trying since March. (Not the same eggs, mind you.) One thing or another goes wrong with my incubator, and I can’t seem to get it to work right. I won’t give up, but I’m putting it away for awhile because its causing too much stress for now.


So, there you go! I hope to pick up on my Problem Passages series. I go on record saying I want to crank out one per week until I finish the problem gender passages in the New Testament. I got bogged down in the quagmire of Ephesians 5:22. There is WAY TOO MUCH written about that little old verse. Condensing down the essential arguments stumped me. But, that post will be ready soon.



2 thoughts on “What’s new and stuff

  1. Love the updates! Thanks. Had to laugh at the tile… I would have (almost did) done the same thing, but my father is worse than Stephen and talked me out of it. Your garden looks lush.


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