2017 Goals Week 4

Follow my progress this year toward meeting 10 goals!


Week 4 of 52

10)   Practice 12 spiritual disciplines.

“Jesus believed in God rather than a book about God.” Frank Schaeffer

Reading the Bible is not for the fainthearted. It is ancient, hard to understand, and more complicated than the creeds want to admit. For instance, this verse tripped me up this week: “… the Lord was not willing to forgive.” 2 Kings 24:4 Wait, what? Yeah, I’ve been pondering it all week. I’ve also been pondering the quote by Schaeffer above, and not for the first time. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Bible, yet it is easy for me to confuse love of the Bible for love of God.

Continuing to read 2 1/2 chapters a day as I practice the spiritual discipline of Bible intake.

9)   Complete 12 credits toward MDiv.

Galatians is steadily being translated and diagrammed. I don’t have extra projects due, so the load for this first class is light so far. Kay’s translation of Galatians 1:13-15:

For, you have heard of my conduct when I was in Judaism, that I was persecuting the church of God to an extraordinary degree and I tried to destroy it. I was advancing in Judaism over and beyond many of those my age, being a super zealot for my forefather’s traditions.

8)   Connect with one person a week.

I got a chance to visit with a new friend, and spent time with my extended and immediate family this week.

7)   Complete writing a 12-week Bible study.

I spent maybe two hours on this? This week, I’m going to try printing off everything I have done so far, and working on it spread out before me. I am hoping it will start to cohere if I can look at it in actual piles instead of Word .docs.

6)    Submit 6 articles for publication.

I needed to put about ten hours into a graphic design project this week, so writing on circumcision didn’t happen.

5)    Learn how to needle felt and create 25 sculptures. 

The clothes for my Abraham & Sarah figures finally came together. I couldn’t decide if I needed to cover Sarah’s head, and decided not to. I liked the locks too much to hide them!


Eyes are giving me trouble. They tend to get buggy and spaced too far apart. I was very pleased with Abraham’s face, but Sarah’s eyes are wide spread. I’m also wondering if I need to felt the faces firmer. Its all trial and error! 5 of 25 complete.


4)    Complete 12 house/yard projects. 

My father-in-law was in the hospital all week, so we didn’t work on any projects.

3)    Move at least 15 minutes a day.

No skipped days this week!

2)   Fix my teeth. 

Waiting, waiting…

1)  Hike to 12 new places.

I had a buddy on my hike to Twin Falls this week. It was slippery and slidey and drizzly wet. I love the Pacific Northwest forest in the misty rain. 1 of 12 complete!


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