2019 Goals

2018 Goals

Last year, I missed working through a list of goals. I had goals, but they were broad.

Drive slower, get stronger, learn to fly fish.

I thought about driving slower every time I drove I-90. And mostly, I did go slower. I worked on arm and core strength for the first 7 months, but then I damaged my tendon kayaking in August, and could not lift weights after that. I learned to fly fish! I suck at it, but the mystery is gone, and I have all the gear now.

I accomplished a few goals that I wanted, but hadn’t put into words. I had my first article published. (See the above picture.) I wrote and taught a course on the women of Genesis. After a long talk with an adviser, my mind is settled on a direction for ministry after I earn my degree. And, I laid the plan to finish the remaining 30 credits in my now-defunct degree at Multnomah. They no longer offer the degree I am earning, and so we had to finagle the courses so I could earn the remaining credits. That is a big relief, and I know which courses I’ll be taking for the remaining four semesters.

Why do I make goals?

I make goals because I enjoy looking back and feeling a sense of accomplishment. I feel like my life is speeding by, and I want to be proud of the person I have become at the end. Yearly goal-setting also helps me to fight the ever-present urge to simply entertain myself. When I detail goals, I find I use my time more productively.

Goal List for 2019

Networking Goals:

I really hate networking. It seems so insincere. And so this year, I am working toward changing my attitude toward socializing with those in the field of ministry I wish to pursue. I will read books on the topic to educate myself.I will attend 2 conferences and get to know others like myself. I will connect with specific people.

Book Goals:

I am 50% done on a Bible Study that I taught through last year. This year I hope to find a publisher and finish the first draft by summer.

Vocation Goals:

I want an updated portrait of myself, so I hope to indulge myself in a photography session. I will complete new business cards, and complete my personal web site.


I will complete 15 figures.

Fishing & Outdoor:

My neighbor promised me a backpacking trip, but we’ve been talking about it for years. I want to make this happen this year! I want to fish at least 10 times, and hike Mt Si (finally).


My family is filled with introverts who love to do our own thing. This year, I want to make everyone gather around the table once a week, as well as gathering for our meals eating out. I also want to discuss Bible passages with the kids on a weekly basis.


I am aiming for a big completion this year of 25 credits. I will apply for 2 scholarships to continue to meet my goal of not going into student debt for this degree. This will require me to cut out some long-time commitments in the spring and fall to allow for a HEAVY school load in the fall. But, if I can do it, it will mean I graduate with my MDIV in theological studies in 2020!

People with goals succeed because they know where they're going. - Ernest Nightingale

One thought on “2019 Goals

  1. i really liked your post. its encouraging me to not have such self-centered goals. i’ll be praying over my list and revamping it. 🙂


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