Paul: Depressed, Yet Rejoicing

Aside from the example of Jesus, the apostle Paul was the master at suffering with grace. In writing to the church in Corinth, he details the horrific circumstances he suffered as the good-will ambassador of Christ. He describes his emotional state as sorrowful; overwhelmingly sad. Yet, and here is the good news for those suffering from depression, he could still be filled with joy! He was always rejoicing! How could depressed (very sad) Paul, rejoice in the midst of his painful experience? … Read More Paul: Depressed, Yet Rejoicing

Hannah: Depression lifted

Even in our age of fertility science, barren women still cry out to the Lord for children. And they can identify with the anguish of Hannah. But what if the Lord answers their prayer with more waiting and anticipation, but never with a son? Does that mean they missed the incantation of Hannah in getting what they wanted? Are they doomed to feeling dissatisfied and depressed? Is that really what Hannah’s story is all about? How to bargain with God?
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