Dear God, please help mommy not be grumpy. Amen.

My danger time is the hour preceding lunch. Inevitably, my tone sharpens and my fuse ignites. When I get hungry, I get angry. Its that simple. My husband has chided me many a time to control my irritability regardless of the low blood sugar enrage attack. But, that’s better nagged than done. So I started stocking my purse with small snacks to ward off the rage rumbling in my empty stomach. But now that we have small children in the mix, I’ve begun to overlook the discipline of eating.

A discipline is something we consistently and persistently practice to make it easier for us to behave right. We each have sinful, sore spots. Areas we are weak in. Mine is a cranky, grumpy attitude. I can filter this sour outlook with self-control up until I go too long without eating. So, I must discipline snacks to keep the grumpy momma away.

Prayer helps too. I’ve started asking my four-year-old to pray that mommy will not act grumpy, but kind. She does, and with little encouragement. Even at unexpected times. We were playing a card game one evening and she was complaining her stomach hurt.

I said, “Why don’t we pray it will feel better?”

She bowed and prayed, “Dear God, please help my tummy not be grumpy and mommy too. Amen.”

My husband, who was sitting on the couch began to giggle. “She prays that prayer often, does she?”

I am ashamed to admit, she does. Now, off to eat a granola bar!

2 thoughts on “Dear God, please help mommy not be grumpy. Amen.

  1. RE: CS Lewis

    He was writing on divorce. I can’t particularly remember why… at the end of Mere Christianity he does go into more specific subjects apart from apologetics. Hence my title “…on gay marriage (sort of).” The same reasoning applies to gay marriage, so I inferred. Maybe I’m extrapolating too much. Maybe he wouldn’t support civil unions at all. According to all of his reasoning there, however, I think he would.


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