Happy to Help

I picked up my daughter’s Sunday School pamphlet this morning. This was her lesson. “Be kind to the poor and you will be happy.” (Proverbs 14:21) Since my daughter has recently discovered “feelings” manipulation*, I was thrilled that she was learning this foundational truth to emotional stability at church! Sharing makes you happy, not miserable! This is one of those divine promises that will cleanse her from the moral and emotional decay caused by her natural envy (self-focused on getting what another has) and greed (self-focused on keeping what she has). It is truth that when practiced, will set her spirit free.

Do Good, Feel Good (from MSN Health & Fitness)

“New research shows that helping others may be the key to happiness. …a newly emerging school of thought suggests that a simple, age-old principle may be part of both the prevention and the cure: Help others to help yourself…. There’s no shortage of research showing that people who give time, money, or support to others are more likely to be happy and satisfied with their lives—and less likely to be depressed.” Be sure to read the full article, its fascinating.

Feeling blue? Struggling with minor depression? Chances are you could benefit from a good dose of “being kind to the poor.” Here are some suggestions.

  • Encourage someone else with a phone call or a handwritten note. Tell them what you like about them or how you appreciate what they are doing.
  • Help your friends and family with small everyday tasks: watch the kids, wash the car, make a meal, take them out on the town, pick up the groceries, walk the dog, fill up the gas tank…
  • Donate to a charity, church or your local school.
  • Volunteer around your community.

 *Feelings manipulation is when my daughter tries to use her hurt feelings to change my behavior toward her. “Mom, you hurt my feelings when you made me give my toy to Henry.” She is learning quickly this only induces the lecture-torture.

2 thoughts on “Happy to Help

  1. Yay! Sunday School is teaching the kids something! =) I really like the new curriculum (Gospel Light). It’s more substantial. So, this is a plug for the 11:00 service – our lessons are better! =)


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