A Man of Virtue

A strong husband, who can find?

His wife trusts him and lacks nothing.

He selects quality materials and is eager to work.

He brings home exotic food, as merchant ships do.

He provides food for the family and manages the household.

He looks at land, buys it, and invests money wisely.

He is a hard worker. He makes his arms strong so he can accomplish many tasks.

He works hard to make a profit and works late into the night.

His hands are not idle.

He is generous to those in need.

He doesn’t worry in hard times, because he has provided for his family well.

He dresses his home and family with beautiful, quality garments.

His wife is admired and active in politics.

He earns extra through side jobs.

He is strong and respected and not afraid of the future.

His words are wise and he gives instructive advice.

He continuously protects his house and family.

A man who fears the Lord is worthy of high praise!

Give him credit for all he does. He deserves your respect.

A virtue for one gender is a virtue for the other.

Why cheat the men? These virtues listed in Proverbs 31 about a strong [chayil] wife are great traits for husbands as well…in fact,  these things are often listed as manly traits:

  • strength
  • provision
  • decision making ability
  • protection
  • respect

Why must we split godly character into manliness and femininity?

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