Wordgazer has a Word Home

A regular commenter on my blog (and all around Christian women blogs), Kristen or KRWordgazer, has finally created a home for her wonderful words. Go see! http://krwordgazer.blogspot.com/

From her post today:

For too long some Christians have said to others, “We are the ones with the
powers and privileges, the spiritual gifts and callings to leadership. You have
salvation in Christ, and we are all equal in that– but if you desire the
leadership gifts that belong to us, you’re out of your proper place; you’re
overstepping your bounds. Be content with your salvation and don’t sin by
thinking you can do what we do in the kingdom.” But this is not what the new
creation, the kingdom of God, is about. Any interpretation of Scripture that
contradicts the essence of the new creation, cannot be correct.

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