Mind Reading

Recently, I was involved in a situation that involved mind-reading. It wasn’t with a fortune teller, but with Christians! It went something like this. “We’ve been thinking of changing a few things around here. What do you think about (insert whatever)?” “I don’t mind, but (insert name here) will have a problem with it.” “Oh… Read More Mind Reading

Quit Complaining…or Die.

Adults whine too.

Life sucks. Why can’t I have a bigger house? Why does the policeman always pull me over? I need more time to myself. My kids don’t appreciate me enough. My husband doesn’t tell me he loves me. Why can’t things be the way they used to be? Why is gas so expensive!? Why does no one help me when I need it? I feel unhappy.

I don’t usually think of grown-ups complaining, but we do it as much as my tantrum-throwing toddler. Our adult version of whining often masquerades behind a “mood.” A pervasive bad feeling that sits in our gut and spoils our enjoyment with life. A gripe props up bitterness. A whine fuels depression. A complaint motivates a bad temper. A grumble spoon-feeds heartache.… Read More Quit Complaining…or Die.