Just wanted you to know…

How often do you use these five little words? I’ve begun to hate them. Rarely do they signal incoming encouragement or a kind intent. Think about it. If someone wants you to know something for no better reason than that they WANT you to know, do you think it something that you should actually know? Chances are a bit of gossip or meddling is soon to follow. Please stop and think, do I really NEED to know? If not, please keep it to yourself or take it to the person who should know instead of me. Its amazing how little information we actually need to live a quiet, godly life.

Now if you just wanted me to know that you think I am doing a great job at being Awana commander or a Bible teacher or a counselor or even as a mom, then speak away!

Ranting accomplished. God bless.

2 thoughts on “Just wanted you to know…

  1. Just wanted you to know…that I just found your blog and it is so good and encouraging to a sister in Christ. May God bless your work and words.


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